Wind Lotus

Leviathan Energy presents a new, compact wind turbine ideally suited for both rural and urban locations. This unit can be simply attached to a concrete base or to flat rooftops for power generation capacity of 3.5 or 5 kilowatt.*

The Wind LotusTM is the most aerodynamically efficient and cost-effective small vertical axis wind turbine in its class. Designed using advanced aerodynamic modeling, it provides more power than other turbines of similar size.

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The Wind LotusTM has the following features:

  • 50-100% more cost-effective than any other turbine in its class
  • Starts producing electricity at a wind speed of less than 3 meters per second. Significantly lower than other existing turbines
  • Ultra-fast return on investment of 3-8 years*
  • Different configurations and options include hookup to grid or batteries, 3.5 or 5 kilowatt generator, and more
  • Wind LotusMinimal vibration 
  • Noiseless
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Maintenance free, 15-20 years life expectancy 
  • Patent-pending air flow enhancement
  • The lotus shape is hazard-free for birds and has a further option of a protective thin net  


Main applications:

  • Flat rooftops in both rural and urban environments
  • Farms
  • Small businesses
  • Communication towers 
  • Parking lots, etc.


Technical specifications:

  • Height: 4.0 meters
  • Width: 2.5 meters
  • Weight: approx. 350 kilograms
  • Blade Diameter: 2 meters
  • Generator capacity: available in 3.5 or 5 kW
  • Option of grid or battery connection


The Wind LotusTM - Join our flow of energy.


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* Depending on local wind


Scientific background

The Wind LotusTM turbine. The most aerodynamically advanced in its class. This page will explain important facts about wind turbines to you, and answer some common questions.


Types of Turbines

There are two basic types of wind turbines: vertical and horizontal axis. In general, each type has certain advantages and disadvantages. The Wind LotusTM is a vertical axis turbine. Vertical axis turbines are very quiet, safe, and do not need to turn towards the wind to maximize their power output. This makes them more economical for you.

Horizontal axis turbines tend to be more powerful per square meter of wind, but are noisier, vibrate more, present dangers to people and birds, require more empty space around them, and need to be elevated away from people.

Turbines can also be classified in two other ways: lift turbines and drag turbines.

Drag turbines simply rotate from the push of the wind. They start easily, but cannot move faster than the push from the wind.

Wind Lotus(tm) GraphLift turbines are aerodynamically designed to rotate faster than the mere push of the wind but this class has more difficulty starting.

The Wind LotusTM, with its unique design, has the advantages of both types. The patent-pending aerodynamic shape as seen on the left is a computer model of the wind speed and one of the reasons for its superior performance. In addition the Wind LotusTM has five blades, whereas almost all lift turbines, whether horizontal or vertical, have three.

This means more starting power, better balance, and minimal noise.

The aerodynamic design of the Wind LotusTM increases the velocity at the point that the wind hits the blades and can produce more power than a physically larger turbine.


Is your site cost-effective?

In general, most locations have a good breeze of 3-5 meters per second for at least several hours per day. That is adequate for a reasonable return on investment. The Wind LotusTM has a lower cut-in speed than other turbines; as a result, your cost-effectiveness increases. The cut-in speed is the speed at which the Wind LotusTM starts to turn and produce electricity. The aerodynamic design improves its performance over other turbines so that not only does your turbine produce more power, but also the turbine starts turning at a lower wind speed.


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