Benkatina Hydroelectric Turbine

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Hydroelectricity is the most widely used form of renewable energy around the world.

It comes mostly from large dams and huge projects that need enormous investment.


Leviathan Energy with its patented Benkatina TurbineTM, fills a niche in the market for small and medium distributed Hydropower sources. The Benkatina presents an innovative, state of the art approach that will allow the global development of hydroelectric projects, in situations that were previously not possible or considered uneconomic.

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The Benkatina TurbineTM is an elegantly designed, highly adaptable, modular hydroelectric turbine that fits into open and closed water systems. 


The Benkatina TurbineTM features adaptable nozzles to regulate the power produced according to the pressure available. The Benkatina TurbineTM is available in versions starting from 5KW power and up to hundreds of KW's.


The Benkatina TurbineTM is designed to be integrated into any existing or planned pipe and other downhill flow systems including 

  • Fresh water

  • Waste water

  • Open canals

  • Industrial output

  • Rain gutters etc.


A unique, patented coupling mechanism is deployed, allowing total separation between the liquids running in the pipes from the gear and shaft, thus preventing any possibility of leaks and contaminations.
















With the availability of the Benkatina TurbineTM, water leakage prevention projects become economically profitable, as reducing the pressure from the system benefits in electricity in addition to water losses.


The distributed nature of the Benkatina TurbineTM along with the flexibilities mentioned make it the perfect solution for municipalities, industrial facilities, desalination facilities, small to medium rivers and canals, to mention a few.


Key Features:

  • fast ROI

  • Adaptable and customizable to a wide variety of applications

  • Stable and distributed energy source

  • Can be used for pressure reduction

  • Environmental friendly

  • No leaks - total isolation of the gear from the liquid within the pipe/turbine

  • Combined units option to suit special needs


The Benkatina TurbineTM - Join our stream of energy!

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